The Advisory Councils as Tools for Coordination of Horizontal Policies

horizontal policies, coordination, advisory councils


In modern democracies, consultative councils are taking shape as a way to promote coordination, cooperation and capacity building of various actors in the public policy process. The nature of demographic policy is characterized by a high degree of complexity of problems and their potential solutions, as well as an impact on several other sectors of public governance. For this reason, coordination is shaped as a kind of challenge for the state authorities. One of the possible approaches, advocated in Bulgaria as well, is the creation of advisory councils charged with coordination functions. This article aims to present the development of the councils in the field of demographic policy and to summarize their specifics in the Bulgarian practice as tools for the coordination of demographic policy. A comparative analysis of the councils operating in the period 1995-2020 was carried out according to quantitative and qualitative criteria related to their structure and functioning.