Alexander Valkov

Architectonics of Healthcare Marketing

marketing healthcare marketing marketing exchange needs wants demand healthcare market healthcare services marketing process demand of healthcare


In a commercial environment, marketing provides universal knowledge and structures an effective management approach to overcome the contradictions between supply and demand. Differences that could be much more enhanced and sensitive in the healthcare sector. Applied at different levels, healthcare marketing is fraught with over-expectations: to be part of the solution of fundamental problems in the healthcare system, such as the adequacy, accessibility and quality of health care, the resource and activities efficiency, the creation of a service culture focused on the patient’s needs, the “emancipation” of the healthcare market from the pursuit of selfish interests, the stimulation of technological progress, the rise of public prestige and the satisfaction of those working in the system. Marketing has a central role in the management of healthcare organizations. In this context, the article theorizes leading marketing concepts in attempt to build a common analytical and organizational management framework of marketing in healthcare. There are different elements in the architectonics of healthcare marketing - the concept of exchange plays the role of the "philosopher's stone", upon which the key elements of marketing are built on - needs, necessities, demand, products, satisfaction, market – which the marketing tools roll into the logic of the marketing process. The article discusses a number of questions, whose theoretical summaries lead to practical answers: how to combine the acquisition value for the client and the added value for the organizations; how to define key marketing concepts and management tools in the specific context of healthcare, etc.