За синонимите на доброто управление (1)




In the management systems there is a need to evaluate regularly the quality of management. Therefore, the establishment of indicators of good management has both theoretical and practical importance. Drawing upon different distinctive characteristics of management and management processes in this paper we associate good management with the following indicators: goals achievement, presence/ absence of efficiency and efficacy, the ability to achieve maximum effect with minimum investments (at current conditions). The indicators of good management help to answer the following questions: How well the company uses its resources? Is there a good coordination between the efforts of people and units involved in the joint task? Are there system effects (synergies)? What is the degree of advancement/ organization of the system? What is the quality of management decisions? The good management is also related to the following indicators: the quality of social interactions and social roles, the state of the organizational sub-systems, structural characteristics of the system, the quality of organizational resources, the characteristics of the cultural layer in the organization.