Regionalization of Bulgaria: Socio-economic Development and Geopolitical Identification



The creation and designation of regions, namely, the establishment of borders and the definition of territorial formations according to some attributea or group of criteria is a fundamental problem of science and practice. Regional changes are slow and rare. So, it should be. Often, people do not reflect them in their personal horizons of human life, but once they have occurred, they remain valid for a very long time and irreversibly affect the lives of whole countries. Consequently, modern geography no longer needs to inform the public about geographic data, phenomena and facts. This is publicly available information in the global network and libraries. Geography thinks and creates for their relationships, interconnections, connectivity, coexistence and synergy. In this regard, I am sure that geography science and profession will not disappear in the future, as many of the worlds of information technology predict, but will simply evolve into another intellectual form.