Anti-institutionality in the Populist Discourse of the Prime Minister

offence for the Institutional Roles (Policies) populist discourse executive power judiciary


This article discusses the offence for the Institutional Roles (Policies) as a fundamental characteristic of the populist discourse  by the Prime Minister Boiko Borisov. Disregard for the Institutions means in a way a disrespect for the institutions as being instruments for legitimate policy decision making. A subject of analysis here are three key events. The first two refer to the direct involvement of the Prime Minister in the activity of the independent Judiciary. The first one respectively is when he requests the assistance of the Sofia City Prosecutor Nikolay Kokinov in order to suspend the ongoing trial against the minister of the Agriculture Miroslav Naidenov. The second one involves his attempt to influence the Prosecutor General Sotir Tcatcarov to undertake repressive actions against the Chairman of Sofia Sity Court Vladimira Yaneva. One can clearly notice here a violation of the principle standing for the division of powers (“trias politica principle”) and of the illegal appointments by the prime minister in the Judicial Branch. The third event refers to his try to stop the customs inspection against the owner of the beer manufacturer “Ledenika”-Mihail Mihov and it clearly shows the disturbed balance in the institutional coexistence in the Executive itself.